Sterling Blooms is pleased to offer every bride two options for her special wedding day:

 A. A full service option in which we first meet with you to exchange ideas and talk about the type  and color of the flowers you wish to have in your wedding.  After this consultation, we write up a proposal for the bride and if the bride decides to go with Sterling Blooms, we take you to the flower market and give you a free tour on the date of your choice. We make sure you love the flowers that you have picked and that there are no surprises. Then, the day of your wedding we deliver, set up and decorate the venues where your wedding will take place. Please take a look at the two videos we have done of our floral designs (click on the links below)

We have also compiled a book of testimonials which we are happy to share with you and your family. Please send us an email requesting one (

B. A do-it-yourself option in which for a flat fee of $565 plus tax we teach you how to make the floral arrangements for your wedding (you can also assign  a friend or  family member who wants to give  you their time as a wedding gift).

Under this option we:

                -give you access to the flowers and vases at wholesale cost
                -teach you how to condition the flowers
                -show you how to make your centerpieces and other floral designs
                -lend you the tools and give you the space necessary to make and store all of the arrangements, and
                -deliver (not set up)  the flowers to the party place the day of the wedding.

                You can save thousands of dollars when you choose to do it yourself!   

We hope that after watching these videos and reading our testimonials, you will set up an appointment with us. We are here to help you have a wedding of a “queen” either by letting us do it all, or by doing it yourself with our guidance.



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